Trained Workers

Electricity Human Resources Canada, with the support of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, started this project to help industry employers meet their labour needs. To do so, we sought to give employers a better understanding of the benefits of and approach to the recruitment and retention of internationally trained workers.

Results of the Project

The result was an electricity industry immigration kit. The kit adapted components of existing sector council and government ITW recruitment and retention guides in order to make them specific to the electricity and renewable energy industry.

The kit also contained resources and regulations specific to provinces and territories, as well as best practices that currently exist within the industry. This one year project, which concluded in January 2012, was supported by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The end result of this project can be accessed at:

Project Website

For more information and to download the kit, please visit the project microsite.

Further Information

For more information on the Internationally Trained Workers project, please contact at (613) 235-5540 or by email at Or you can visit the project microsite.