Connected Women Mentorship Program

Feedback from Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) industry stakeholders has emphasized the significant role that mentors can play in the successful attraction and retention of female workers in the sector. As a result, EHRC initiated its Connected Women project to develop and implement a national mentorship Program.  EHRC is proud to launch the Connected Women Mentorship Program. See official Press Release here!

Connected Women is a national mentorship Program designed for women who are either already working in technical and/or trades occupations in the electricity sector, or are studying to enter the industry.

Who is the Program for?

The Program is targeted towards women currently working in trade and non-traditional jobs in the electricity sector, as well as those studying in industry related trades, technical or engineering Programs.

Who can be a Mentor and Mentee under the Program?

To qualify as a mentor, the individual should have at least four (4) years’ experience working in the sector. This is to help ensure that the mentor has a solid grounding on what it is like working in the sector and will be able to provide advice and insight on a wide range of topics. Mentors can be female or male.

Mentees can enter the Program from two streams – those already working in the sector who are looking for support as they navigate their careers OR those studying in an electricity-related field or apprenticeship Program who would like professional guidance as they look to begin their career in the sector. Mentees must be female.

EHRC believes everyone can benefit from professional advice and encouragement, no matter where they are in their career. Therefore, we encourage applicants to view this experience as a commitment to their own professional development.

Ensuring Program success

Before applying, EHRC encourages all applicants to review the Frequently Asked Questions section to ensure they understand what participation in the program entails, as well as, many of the considerations around a positive mentorship experience.

In particular, it is important for mentees to understand that the Program is driven by your engagement – your level of participation will ultimately impact the success of the relationship. Take goal-setting seriously! This is a formal Program with the expectation that there will be at least 4-6 meetings over a 6 month period. Only those willing to commit and invest their time should apply.

Within the Program mentees will have the ability to request a specific mentor. It is important to emphasize, however, that some mentors are highly sought after therefore it is strongly suggested that you clearly articulate the rationale for being chosen within your application form. Mentors will be basing their decisions on what you have included in this section of the application as well as the application overall.

How do I register for the Program?

Registration is simple and convenient.  The underlying technology that will support you during this journey is Menteer, an open-source platform developed by EHRC which can be accessed HERE

  1. Once you have accessed the platform, select if you would like to register as a mentor or mentee. Note: You can register as both; however, you will need to use distinct emails and passwords for each type of application.
  2. Complete the following sections of the application:

Section 1: Personal information & Education

In this section you will enter all your contact information, select a password for your account and outline your education

Section 2: Professional Information

This section captures information regarding your work experience summary

 Section 3: Mentor-Mentee pairing questions

The information provided in this section will be used to match you with a mentor or mentee. This section is mandatory for the success of the matching process.

Section 4: Declaration

You will not be able to submit an application without ensuring you have read and agree to the Terms of the Program.

  1. Submit

Once you have completed and submitted your application check your inbox for a welcome email. You will need to click on the link provided in this email to confirm your account.