Supporting Line Trade Development

This project aimed to support and enhance the work of the line trade as it moves through a period of extensive technological change and growth in electrical grid operations. Effective training directly affects the ability of powerline technicians (PLT) to do their job safely and to more effectively adopt new technologies.

Electricity Human Resources Canada’s (EHRC) report recommended that industry focus on line trade refresher training.

Results of the Project

The project identified the gap between training needs and availability across Canada for powerline technicians, and created National Occupational Standards for two key support roles: cable splicer and utility arborist.

EHRC has developed a web-based toolkit and related resources to support the industry and provincial authorities in building effective refresher training for post-journey powerline technicians.

By looking to best practices across the industry, we expect several benefits, including:

  • Greater consistency of post-journey refresher training for the powerline trade
  • Improved on-the-job safety
  • Improved labour mobility for the powerline trade and trades associated with powerline work.

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Further Information

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