Leadership Accord for Gender Diversity

An initiative borne out of our Connected Women Project, the Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity in the Canadian Electricity Industry (the Accord)  is a public commitment by employers, educators, unions and governments to promote the values of diversity and inclusion within their organizations.

There are two prominent ways to be involved and take action towards change, either as an Accord signatory or an Accord advocate. Both acknowledge that united action is required to ensure the support of women in the industry, along with equality and fairness for the entire workforce.

Accord Statement

“The Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity in the Electricity Industry is a public commitment by employers, educators, unions and governments to promote the values of diversity, equality and inclusion throughout their work. Whether it’s through recruitment, retention, career progression or training and development, all our signatories are committed to improving opportunities for women in the electricity industry.  The signatories to this accord recognize and confirm united action to expand the breadth and depth of the skilled workforce; ensure that women are informed of the opportunities available in the sector; and, once in the sector, are fully supported and provided with equal opportunities to grow and develop to their full potential.”

Call to Action: Get Involved and Drive Positive Change in Your Organization

Step 1: Declaration of Commitment

  • Signatories demonstrate commitment to gender diversity within their organization and to the wider Canadian electricity industry through the signing of a “certificate of commitment and declaration” which sets into motion the benchmarking and implementation of a range of initiatives that support commitments outlined in the Accord.

Employer Commitments

Labour Commitments

Educator Commitments

In addressing the key commitments  EHRC recognizes and acknowledges that not all organizations will progress at the same rate, nor will results always be immediate, however it is the premise of the Accord that to effect systemic change in the electricity sector a bold vision is required.

  • Advocates represent organizations who have expressed (through the signing of a “declaration”)  their dedication to advancing the role of women and have committed to actively engaging in outreach, promotion and communications with constituencies about the Accord while encouraging them to become official signatories.

Advocate Declaration

An integral component to the Accord process is the need for senior leadership to sign these declarations. The decision to sign onto or promote the Accord must be made at this level to ensure diversity commitments are approved internally.

Step 2: Implementation & Action

For signatories,  the next step in the process is ensuring the benchmarking, regular implementation of a range of initiatives that support commitments outlined in the Accord. Further details on this process are provided in various supporting documents below.

For advocates, implementation takes the form of actively engaging in outreach, promotion and communications with their networks/members about the Accord while encouraging them to become official signatories.  This can be achieved through a variety of means including: one-on-one discussions, events and conferences; newsletters, social media, email and letter communications and various presentations.

Step 3. Review (signatories only)

At the two-year mark from signing, EHRC will undertake a review to determine the organization’s progress and feedback will be given to those with responsibility for making change happen . The two-year review will provide organizations with an opportunity to analyze the effectiveness of their diversity practices, while re-aligning strategic plans as needed.

All material provided either through the self-assessment (step 2)  or review will be kept strictly confidential.  Should EHRC wish to highlight inspirational successes on an individual basis the relevant organization will be asked to provide written approval. 

Supporting Accord Documents:

Overview Brochure

Background & Commitment Framework


Accord Advocates & Signatories

Thank you to all those organizations who are championing diversity and have signed on to the Accord. In addition, we would like to recognize those industry associations who work to support the Canadian electricity industry and have committed to advocating for the role of women in the sector.

About the Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity

This Accord was developed by EHRC and the Connected Women steering committee, a group of industry stakeholders who collaboratively developed a national mentorship program for women in the sector (Connected Women Mentorship Program) which was launched May 31, 2017.

For more information, Contact Merertu Mogga Frissa, Program Manager, Diversity & Inclusion via e-mail: frissa@electricityhr.caor telephone:  t 613.235.5540 ext. 237 | f 613. 235.6922.


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