Wage Subsidy Programs

Electricity Human Resources Canada’s (EHRC’s) 2017 Labour Market Information (LMI) study found that the representation of younger workers (under 25 years) within the electricity sector (5%) is lower than the reported general workforce in 2016 (14%). It is also found that by 2022, the industry will need to recruit 20,578 new employees. In order to meet this demand, it is necessary to draw more young people into the industry.

Welcoming Newcomers

Welcoming Newcomers is a wage subsidy program and incentive for employers to recruit professionally skilled, internationally trained workers. A four-month internship with a wage subsidy of up to 50%, or $10,000 maximum, is available to eligible employers. Click below to find information about eligibility requirements and an overview of the process, as well as the forms to complete to pursue this opportunity.

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Empowering Futures

EHRC’s Empowering Futures Program is creating new WIL opportunities in electricity by providing wage subsidies up to $7,000 to employers who create new WIL opportunities. The goal of the program is to help young Canadians make the transition from school to work through collaborative partnerships between the Canadian employers and post-secondary institutions.


Discovering Potential

EHRC’s Discovering Potential program supports employers providing youth participants with meaningful internships or on-the-job training opportunities that help them attain career skills and experience. The program can subsidize an internship, a training opportunity or a combination of both, up to a maximum of $25,000 per participant.

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