Training & Development

With renewable energy creating new career fields—and automation replacing old ones—new training methods and reskilling programs are fast becoming necessary. Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) has worked to meet these necessities: by conducting a diagnostic of a specific trade in the electricity sector and conducting a general diagnostic of industry’s internal training function.


Professional Skills Training

While technical and specialized knowledge is foundational for career success in electricity, employers are also looking for candidates who demonstrate a high level of proficiency in professional skills. Professional skills include active listening, social perceptiveness, and collaboration. Take time to take stock of your professional skills while job searching with EHRC’s resources for developing and applying professional skills.

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Powerline Trade Development Initiative

The Powerline Trade Development Initiative project developed a common needs/gap diagnostic to support journeyperson refresher training through extensive research and in-depth analysis.


Powerline Technician Project

The Powerline Technician Project directly addressed key human resources challenges in the recruitment, retention, and development of one of the most critical operational roles within the electricity industry. The project resulted in two publicly available reports.


Recharging our Workforce

The Recharging our Workforce report is the result of EHRC’s Training and Learning Development Project, which investigated the capacity of the electricity and renewable energy industry’s internal training function.