LMI Innovation & Gender

The Changing Nature of Work: Digital Transformation & Innovation in the Electricity Sector

This project examines the effects of digitization and automation on the electricity sector and predicts skills requirements needed for future careers. By exploring the impact of technology on current occupations, Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) can identify potential new careers that could require training or re-training. This project will gather industry-driven labour market information (LMI) across the electricity sector, nationwide.

Greater Integration of Women in Leadership within the Electricity Sector

This project seeks to understand why there are not more women in leadership within the electricity sector. EHRC will collect detailed LMI data on women in leadership positions in the sector to inform evidence-based policymaking, HR strategies, and integration programming for women in these roles. EHRC understands that without committed male allies, efforts have limited success, therefore efforts to involve men in diversity initiatives are high on the agenda. Research will engage men as well as women in the industry who are championing gender equality to examine what attitudes and experiences differentiate the two groups.

This research is seeking participants