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Research informs everything that Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) provides to the electricity sector, and this research is an asset to industry as well. Equipped with objective data, employers can get a clearer picture of labour market challenges and can make more informed decisions to address them.

Current Labour Market Intelligence Studies

The Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) Program is an ongoing initiative of the electricity labour market in Canada which includes our 2008 and 2011 studies (plus the 2012 update report) and our latest 2017-2022 Workforce in Motion LMI.

Workforce Perspectives: Newcomer Impact Short Report

Understanding newcomer perceptions — their top barriers to working in our sector, and the positive factors that inform career decisions is essential to recruiting and retaining this growing, skilled talent pool.

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Workforce in Motion: LMI 2017-2022

EHRC’s latest labour market intelligence  research initiative, Workforce in Motion, has gathered information on workforce demographics, labour supply and demand gaps, human resource needs, and post-secondary training. It includes supporting documents that give regional focus to labour markets, as well as special perspectives for employers, educators, labour, and government.

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Powering Through Together: Electricity Leadership on Navigating the Pandemic


Amidst a year of challenge and change, the Canadian electricity sector has remained resilient, largely due to a strong culture of safety and collaboration. Powering Through Together explores how electricity employers have adapted workplace practices to continue to provide an essential service. The report contains lessons learned and recommendations for moving forward.

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Generation Impact: Future Workforce Perspectives

As Canada’s electricity sector undergoes shifts relating to demographics and technology, engaging and developing a young talent pipeline is critical to ensuring a resilient future workforce. Generation Impact: Future Workforce Perspectives reveals that Millennial and Gen Z Canadians have a positive or neutral impression of careers in electricity but are largely unaware of the benefits of working in the sector. The report provides guidance on how organizations can position themselves as employers of choice for this age group to remain competitive.

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Leadershift: Pathways to Gender Equity

Leadershift: Pathways to Gender Equity explores the status of women’s representation in companies across Canada’s electricity sector, with a focus on the leadership level. It includes a review of the current levels of women’s participation in the sector, highlights champions and successful initiatives, and offers recommendations for sparking meaningful change.

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Work Transformed: The Impact of Technology

The industry is facing unprecedented change—in its business models, workforce, customer expectations and work cultures. Work Transformed, a Labour Market Intelligence report from Electricity Human Resources Canada, investigates the impact of technological innovation on the Canadian electricity sector workforce.

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Workforce Transitions: LMI for Alberta’s Energy Sector 2017-2022

Workforce Transitions reports on a study undertaken by EHRC and funded by the Government of Alberta. It examines the labour market needs of the province’s electricity sector, including its hiring projections, renewable integration, and the impact of innovation on the skills of the future workforce.

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Renewing Futures

EHRC made Renewing Futures for anyone with a stake in the renewable energy workforce. The goal was to develop the first comprehensive look at human resources in the renewable energy sector in Canada.

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Women in Clean Energy

Women in Clean Energy attempts to synthesize existing knowledge on the degree of women’s participation in the clean energy sector. The report identifies key challenges, offers opportunities and recommendations for action, and includes a collection of profiles of many inspiring women who have chosen to build careers in clean energy.

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Past Labour Market Intelligence Studies

Powering up the Future: LMI 2007-2012

In 2008 EHRC—in partnership with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)—commissioned a LMI study of Canada’s electricity sector to better determine the gap between labour supply and demand. Powering up the Future focused on the number of workers that were required in 15 key critical occupations, and where those workers could be found. It also explored factors currently impacting the sector; such as technological changes, aging infrastructure and an increasing demand for energy.

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Power in Motion: LMI 2010-2016

Power in Motion provides employers, educators, regulators and policy makers an in-depth understanding of the human resource challenges that were affecting the sector from 2010-2016. It includes recommendations in mitigating the effects of a rapidly changing labour market—recommendations which are still relevant to ongoing challenges in the sector.

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