Onboarding and Developing: Diversity

The adoption of new and emerging technologies and the growth of Alberta’s renewable energy sector is shaking up our human resource management planning. The roles of almost one in four workers will be affected.8

These shifts call for more and higher-level skills – the demand for workers with multi-disciplinary and cross-functional skills will only increase. We need to rebuild and renew our workforces.

Employers in Alberta are readying for the transition away from coal by enhancing current workers’ skillsets, supporting employees in the pursuit of dual certification, and cross-training and upskilling workers for redeployment.

In this changing status quo, diverse talent groups present an incredible opportunity for Alberta employers: they make up a pool of diverse perspectives, skills and experiences that can drive the needed innovation to provide for the province’s energy future. As members of these new talent pools are under-represented in the workforce, it is important for employers to make a deliberate effort to help them feel part of the organization from the start, and guarantee them equitable access to development and advancement.

Are you ready to welcome employees from a diverse talent pool into your workforce?

The transformation of our sector presents a unique opportunity to dig deep on diversity, equity and inclusion

Welcome New Employees: Help new employees feel welcome so they can bring their best ideas to work every day.

Accelerate Employee Success: Help new hires to settle in quickly so they can start contributing, collaborating and building relationships with colleagues.

Expand Diversity at All Levels: Support employees to aspire to leadership, creating a virtuous circle through which diverse-thinking leaders will further embed a culture of innovation.

Investing in onboarding a new employee helps them:

  • become productive and be successful in their role as soon as possible;
  • feel that they are a valued part of the team and organization; and,
  • have a positive first experience, influencing their long-term decision to stay.
Inclusive Onboarding

The Value of a “Buddy”

A pilot onboarding program with 600 employees at Microsoft9 found that pairing a new hire up with a buddy:

  • Boosts productivity: The more the onboarding buddy met with the new hire, the greater the new hire’s perception of their own speed to productivity.
  • Improves the new employee’s satisfaction: After the first week on the job, new hires with buddies were 23% more satisfied with the onboarding experience, compared to those without; at 90 days, there was a 36% increase in satisfaction.

New hires with buddies also report having more active support from their manager and the broader team.