Diversity & Inclusion

Electricity is an innovative sector, but innovation can only flourish in an environment that encourages diverse perspectives. That is why it is important to foster diversity and inclusion within all our organizations.

Diversity is the future: according to Statistics Canada, landed immigrants made up the majority (60%) of employment gains in 2017; nearly 80% of Canada’s indigenous population are under 55 years of age, compared to 67% in the rest of Canada; and in 2018 women made up nearly 48% of the Canadian workforce. With diversity becoming the norm in workspaces across Canada, it is fast becoming necessary for Canadian employers to adapt. To meet this need, Electricity Human Resources Canada has developed resources to support the inclusion of under-represented groups in the electricity sector.

Illuminate Opportunity

Illuminate Opportunity is a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind toolkit to support developing diversity, equity and inclusion practices for employers in Alberta and beyond. It guides employers to apply a diversity and inclusion lens to attract a full range of qualified individuals.

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Gender Equity

Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity

The Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity is a public commitment by Canadian employers, educators, unions and governments to promote values of diversity and inclusion within their organizations.

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Let's Talk: Advancing Gender Equality

Let’s Talk: Advancing Gender Equality is a webinar series on advancing gender equality in the workplace.

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Bridging the Gap Project

Bridging the Gap examines the barriers for women in electricity with the objective to overcome them and increase the attraction, recruitment, and retention of women.

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Connected Women Mentorship Program

Connected Women is a national mentorship program that supports women in electricity who are either already working in technical or trades occupations or are preparing to enter the sector.

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Disability Equity

From Disability to Inclusion Toolkit

The Disability to Inclusion Toolkit provides employers with a variety of accessibility tools and resources to help them improve access and supports for people with disabilities who work or wish to work in the Canadian electricity industry.

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Internationally Trained Workers

Plugged In: Accessing the World's Talent

Plugged In: Accessing the World’s Talent is a resource kit adapted from internationally trained worker recruitment and retention guides to suit the electricity and renewable energy sector.

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Indigenous Peoples

Aboriginal Workforce Participation Initiative

The Aboriginal Workforce Participation Initiative raised awareness about the barriers to Indigenous people and the potential partnerships that might overcome them. It resulted in a human resource kit and two demonstration projects.

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Diagnostic of Aboriginal Procurement Strategies

The Diagnostic of Aboriginal Procurement Strategies identifies ways that businesses operating in the electricity and renewables sector can increase their procurement of goods and services from Aboriginal businesses.

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Aboriginal Business Assistance Program

The Aboriginal Business Assistance Program built upon recommendations from Electricity Human Resources Canada’s (EHRC’s) Diagnostic of Aboriginal Procurement Strategies project through the development and implementation of regional facilitated workshops.

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