Change Management

Change Management Resources

Change is inevitable: the electricity sector is experiencing a wave of retirements as the previous generation reaches the end of their careers; this is happening simultaneously as a growing demand for workers with new skills. Employers need a reliable succession plan in place to make sure skill gaps are filled as they open up. In addition, employers will need a workforce plan that ensures the knowledge of the previous generation doesn’t leave the organization with them—coaching and mentoring tools can help to pass that knowledge directly to the next generation.

Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) has prepared resources for employers to meet these needs: access them below.

Succession Planning Guidebook

The Succession Planning Guidebook is a practical reference for employers looking to steward organizational knowledge through retirements and role changes.

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Knowledge Management Transfer Project

The Knowledge Management Transfer Project aims to identify best practices within the electricity industry in Canada and provide strategic recommendations for adopting knowledge transfer planning processes.

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PowerSHIFT – Transitioning from Tourism to Electricity 

When making a career transition, employers and job seekers alike can benefit from the power of transferable skills.
Explore the PowerShift resource to realize the opportunities that exist in the electricity sector and to provide you with tools and resources to illuminate the potential for transitioning from the tourism and hospitality industry to the Alberta electricity sector. 

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