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The industry cannot afford not to become more inclusive of people with disabilities.

As the electricity sector is rapidly evolving, innovative strategies to recruit, onboard and retain candidates define our leaders. EHRC supports employers with the information and tools to diversify its workforce.

Designed for success

The EnAbling Change program team has developed tools to support employers in engaging with candidates with a disability so they may feel more included in the sector. All resources developed through this project have been designed in partnership with industry stakeholders to ensure their relevance to Canada’s electricity industry.

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Bill's Story

Reshaping your Future

In September 1999, while working at a mining company, the Bill’s arm was lost in an accident.

Struggling emotionally, his perspective shifted when his three-year-old son asked if the situation would be permanent. This question served as a wake-up call, leading Bill to seek professional help and get the support he needed to move forward with his life. Watch to learn more about Bill’s inspiring story.



Leslee's story

The Conversation is Getting Louder

Leslee has been hard of hearing her entire life.

She has been an administrative assistant in the engineering department at OPG Darlington for 21 years and feels fortunate to have always been accepted and welcomed by managers and colleagues who strive for inclusivity. Watch to learn more about her involvement with the Abilities Alliance, a group of OPG employees founded in 2019, that supports individuals with various disabilities, including physical, sensory, and mental health challenges.



Tanya's Story

Access to Services is an Evolution, Not a Revolution

Tanya Hickey is the Senior Manager of Health & Safety Strategies at Ontario Power Generation.

She drives the strategies for all of OPG’s Disability Management Programs as well as their company wellness strategies. Watch to learn how Tanya and her team are working to put the focus on the abilities of a workforce, and create a truly inclusive atmosphere for all.



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Illuminate Opportunity: Equity in the Workplace (Backup – DO NOT PUBLISH)

Hiring Practices

A set of made-in-Alberta quick reference tools, learning materials and short videos to support employers in building a diverse workforce – and reaping the resulting benefits.

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EnAbling Change is funded in part by the Ontario Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility