The Powerline Trade Development Initiative

About the Powerline Trade Development Initiative

The primary purpose of this project is to support and enhance the work of the line trade as it moves through a period of extensive technological change and growth in electrical grid operations. Effective training directly impacts the Powerline Technician’s (PLT) ability to do their job safely and learn new technologies more effectively. This dedicated web portal will also provide a pan Canadian perspective on two key associated support roles to the trade, Cable Splicer and Utilities Arborist. This has been accomplished through the development of occupational standards and associated essential skills profiles. While these roles are active in all provinces, few have developed trades profiles for these support roles.

  • This project will provide necessary training supports to a vast number of PLTs in Canada. By looking at effective practices across the industry, trainers will be better equipped to deliver this training. Further, the quality of training will improve, be more consistent, and better support labour mobility of the powerline trade and trades associated with powerline work.
  • Further, a web-based Toolkit [link to web-based kit] and associated resources to support the industry and provincial authorities in building effective post journey powerline refresher training will complement the overall support tools.
  • As a key component of the LTD Project, the EHRC developed a common needs/gap diagnostic in support of journeyperson refresher training through extensive primary and secondary research and analysis.

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Further Information

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