Residential GeoExchange Heat Pump System Designer NOS

NOS are a benchmark of the knowledge and abilities needed to be competent in a particular occupation. Developed by current job incumbents, NOS are a collection of the individual competencies that make up the whole picture of an occupation.

Residential GeoExchange Heat Pump System Designers design systems that transfer energy between ground or water and residential buildings for the purposes of heating and cooling. Their design responsibilities include assessing the single-family house and site, determining the optimal equipment and configuration for the system, and collaborating with project-related occupations to ensure quality designs and installations. The authority and limitations of designers of GeoExchange heat pump systems for single-family houses differ among and within provinces/territories according to the authority having jurisdiction.

GeoExchange heat pump systems are also referred to as ground source heat pump systems, ground-coupled heat pump systems, earth-energy systems and geothermal systems. The term “geothermal“ can be confused with utility operations that produce electricity using heat generated in the earth’s core. “GeoExchange” is the preferred term going forward as it reflects industry’s efforts to professionalize and communicate what quality work is to clients.

Accreditation: It is recommended that individuals working as Residential GeoExchange Heat Pump System Designers have successfully completed industry-recognized training and/or attained certifications/accreditations. In some jurisdictions, mandated training and/or certification is required for practice.


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