Let’s Talk Advancing Gender Equity: Now Let’s Celebrate Success!

Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) in partnership with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) recently hosted a webinar series on advancing gender equality in the workplace. Building on and supporting EHRC’s Leadership Accord and NRCan’s Equal by 30 Campaign, the webinars equip organizations with best practices and tools to help their own organizations expedite the process of bridging the gender gap. They guide potential or existing signatories on the development of actionable commitments to advance gender equality.

Webinar 3: Now Let’s Celebrate Success!

Learn how to analyze the effectiveness of your organizations’ diversity practices and identify any gaps. This will give you the context you need to build a business case around your organization’s diversity needs, and will serve as the yardstick for which your organization’s return on investment can measured.

  • Understand how diverse teams boost innovation and bottom line
  • Examine the relationship between culture change and organization success
  • Learn how to communicate the value of embracing diversity and inclusion – and hear some examples of what’s working in the industry