How to Get the Most Out of Your Co-op Student

Co-op and work-integrated learning placements offer many benefits for both employer and student alike. When done right, they can both inspire and lead to long-term opportunities. However, we may feel ill-equipped to manage a new, short-term employee on top of regular work expectations, especially given that much of our work is now done remotely. How can we, as supervisors, managers and colleagues, develop and supervise remote and in-person placements that make the most of a student’s skills and experience, contribute to the success of our organization’s projects, and equip the student with professional skills to succeed in their future careers?

Listen to Mark Chapeskie, Michael Schultz, Janine Scott and Cody Martin discuss how employers can maximize work-integrated learning placements in electricity so that learners have the best experience and employers can have the best results.

This webinar is proudly sponsored by Alectra Utilities.