Discovering Potential Program

Electricity Human Resources Canada’s Discovering Potential program builds youth potential and helps youth overcome barriers to employment by supporting work placements and training opportunities through subsidies of up to $16,500 per participant. The program aims to equip youth facing barriers to employment with experience, skills and knowledge to enter the electricity sector workforce.

Placements, Subsidies and Training

Electricity sector jobs require specialized skills. Support the success of young workers and youth facing barriers to employment by investing in training and development. Discovering Potential can subsidize 50% of a wage or 100% of training costs and support payments, or a mix of both, up to a maximum of $16,500 for each participant. Placements and training opportunities must be completed by March 31, 2021.

Example of How to use this Program

  1. An electricity sector employer hires a youth facing barriers to employment for a work rotation program within the company for 5 months.
  2. A career centre hosts a series of workplace skills sessions over a few weeks in coordination with local employers who work directly with program participants to improve their employability.
  3. A college runs a short-term, pre-entry skills program to empower youth facing barriers to explore careers in electricity.

Eligibility Requirements

Company Eligibility

If providing a work placement or training opportunity, companies must operate in one or more of the following areas:

  • Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity;
  • Sector support such as R&D, energy efficiency;
  • Manufacturing of equipment and the provision of services for the generation of electricity; or
  • Educational institution, training institution, or career centre.


Participant Eligibility

Participants must be:

  • Between 15 and 30 years of age at of the start of the placement or training;
  • A Canadian citizen, or permanent resident, or a protected person as defined by the immigration and Refugee Protection Act;
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada;
  • Legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations; and
  • Currently un- or under-employed at the start of placement.

Participants may be receiving EI during the placement or training.

Terms and Conditions

A work placement or training opportunity is eligible if it fulfills the following conditions:

  1. Work placements and training opportunities must be completed by March 31, 2021.
  2. The subsidy covers 50% of a participant’s wages or 100% of training costs up to a maximum of $16,500 per participant.
  3. Work placements are for full-time employment.
  4. The company must inform participants of the requirement to complete relevant program forms: Participant Intake Form, Participant Learning Plan, Participant Reflection Survey.
  5. The company must complete necessary program forms: Company Intake Form, Contract, Monthly Claim Form.
  6. The wages for a work placement or costs of a training program must not be funded by any other federal program.
  7. The company must not recruit and retain friends or family members without a nepotism policy in place.
  8. Participants recruited must not fill a job vacancy due to an industrial dispute, a worker that has been laid off or that another worker was displaced.
  9. The company must provide information about the placement or training opportunity to EHRC upon request. Information collected includes, but is not limited to, proof of participant employment or enrollment in a training opportunity, start date, contract, full wage and benefits information.
  10. The company must provide EHRC with monthly financial claims.

Process Overview

Companies participating in this program will follow this process:

  1. Check eligibility requirements and terms & conditions (see above).
  2. Complete the Company Intake Form for each participant in the program.
  3. Have the participant(s) complete the Participant Intake Form.
  4. Get the participant placement or training approved (allow for 5-10 business days).
  5. Have supervisor and participant complete Participant Learning Plan together.
  6. Sign a contract with EHRC for each participant.
  7. Set up for direct deposit to receive the wage or training subsidy.
  8. Begin work placement or training program.
  9. EHRC will contact you to submit a monthly financial claim form.
  10. Continue to send monthly financial claim forms.
  11. Complete an online Company Reflection Survey at the end of the program.

Participants in this program will follow this process:

  1. Check eligibility requirements and Terms & Conditions (see above).
  2. Complete the Participant Intake Form.
  3. Complete Participant Learning Plan in coordination with supervisor.
  4. Begin and complete work placement or training program.
  5. Complete a Participant Reflection Survey at end of program (provided by EHRC).


For the purposes of eligibility, the following terms are defined:

  • Underemployed: A person who does not have enough paid work or is not doing work that makes full use of their skills and abilities.
  • Unemployed: A person without a paid job but available to work.


The Discovering Potential program is funded through Employment and Social Development Canada’s Youth Employment and Skills Strategy.