Bright Futures Energy Camp

Bright Futures is a science camp for Indigenous youth ages 10-13. Bright Futures inspires interest and promotes careers in the electricity sector by engaging participants in hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) learning activities. The program is a foundational component of EHRC’s efforts to reduce barriers to Indigenous participation in Canada’s electricity sector workforce.

Bright Futures is delivered by our partner Elephant Thoughts, a national charity dedicated to promoting the availability of quality education for children throughout the world. The camp is fully subsidized and delivered at no cost to the participants or the host community.

To date, EHRC has delivered camps across Canada and reached over 150 young people.

Bright Futures 2021: Fort McKay First Nation

In 2021 the camp will run in Fort McKay First Nation in Alberta. The campers will learn everything from how electricity and renewable energy is created to where it goes and what it’s used for. Fun and interactive activities that demonstrate STEM concepts will allow the youth to recognize the importance of math and science, learn about the industry and how they can be a part of it someday.

For more information or to sponsor a camp activity, contact Project Manager Anita Gara

"I know sometimes numbers are what we focus on in regards to programming but if even one person becomes sparked and follows and becomes engaged, it is worth it. You have completely engaged my son and his friend. They will never forget this. Thank you for your enthusiasm and to the sponsors, thank you."
Camper family member

Thank you to our 2021 sponsors!

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