LMI Research & Publications

A solid foundation of research underpins the information that Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) provides to industry.

Comprehensive and timely, our research provides real value to industry players. With it, they have a clearer picture of labour market challenges, and in turn, can make more informed decisions to meet them.

Various projects and programs have produced a wealth of research, including:

Labour Market Information Program

The Labour Market Information (LMI) Program is an ongoing initiative of the electricity labour market in Canada which includes our 2008 and 2011 studies, plus the 2012 update report AND details on our latest 2017-2022 Workforce in Motion LMI  Learn more about the LMI Program.

Building Connectivity Project

The two-year long Building Connectivity Project involved a comprehensive consultation process with provincial/regional and federal key stakeholders to develop a Human Resource Action Plan for the electricity and renewable energy sectors.

The project identified criteria essential to develop an action plan to address the following:

  • Adequacy of training facilities/Infrastructure to meet industry needs
  • Lack of industry awareness among youth
  • Immigration barriers to industry workforce supply
  • Challenges and issues for workforce initiatives dependent on rate review and regulatory protocols
  • Rural and remote work challenges for the industry

Download the report.

Training & Learning Development Project

The primary purpose of this project was to assess the growing need for new approaches to training, a need fuelled by the pending retirements, career progression and changing technology in the industry.

The project built a framework for industry to identify strategies and tactics supporting to improve training capacity. It also outlined a list of ten recommendations that Electricity Human Resources Canada, working with industry, could undertake to increase training capacity in the electricity sector.

View all ten recommendations, as well as the full results of the project, on the Training and Learning Development microsite.

Powerline Technicians

Addressing key human resources challenges around recruitment, retention and development of one of powerline technicians, the project resulted in two reports:

  • The Powerline Trade Development Initiative: The project identified the gap between training needs and availability across Canada for powerline technicians, and created National Occupational Standards for two key support roles: cable splicer and utility arborist. EHRC has developed a web-based toolkit and related resources to support the industry and provincial authorities in building effective refresher training for post-journey powerline technicians.

Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR)

The purpose of this project was to review best practices for industry recruitment and employee integration of foreign trained workers within the electricity and renewable energy sectors.After extensive information gathering, research, discussion and debate by a broad cross-section of the electricity sector, a final report was completed in March 2008. Generating Solutions: Review of Foreign Credential Recognition in Canada’s Electricity Sector emphasizes the necessity for a comprehensive strategy to enable employers to more readily access a labour pool of workers with foreign credentials.

Diagnostic of Aboriginal Procurement Strategies (DAPS)

The Diagnostic of Aboriginal Procurement Strategies project report looks at the various barriers that exist in the area of procurement for Aboriginal businesses looking to participate in the industry from a utility company perspective. The report also features case studies and examples of Aboriginal policies to help your organization build strong relationships within the Aboriginal community.

Download the report or visit the project microsite: www.electricityhr.ca/daps

Bridging the Gap

The Bridging the Gap project looks at the various issues and barriers that women face when looking to participate in the industry. Various tools and resources have been developed including advertising materials and a video series highlighting various industry occupations and the women working in them.

Visit the project page for more information: Bridging The Gap

Renewing Futures

The renewable energy sector has grown considerably over the years from the production of electricity to the job opportunities it provides. This project looks at labour market information specific to the renewables side of the industry.

To obtain a copy of the Renewing Futures report, visit renewingfutures.ca