Succession Planning Tools

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Succession Planning Tools

The Succession Planning Tools will provide your organization with a variety of resources including:

  • a clear understanding of procedures, roles and accountabilities in your company;
  • establishing a clear process for succession planning that is integrated with overall business strategies and activities;
  • provide additional information and guidelines on how to identify the critical skills required by your organization to address future trends and influences;
  • measure and evaluate the succession planning process to determine its effectiveness in meeting business objectives and make necessary adjustments in strategy to better meet needs;
  • identify key/critical positions, competencies for key/critical positions, identify potential successors and assess them against capabilities, develop and implement succession and knowledge transfer plans;
  • assist your organization in developing a broad scale view of its internal ability to fill key/critical positions and hence measure its bench strength;
  • and to create a plan for your organization to communicate key information on succession planning to ensure that employees at all levels and other stakeholders are engaged in and supportive of the process.

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