Professional Skills Online Training

$99.00 plus tax

Learn at your own pace to complete this course in as little as one week! Each session is designed to take 1-3 hours to complete. 

It’s not enough to just be aware of professional skills: the skills themselves need to be developed. With this toolkit, learners can take charge of their professional development. The ten professional skills in which students and new graduates present gaps are grouped into composite skills. These composite skills are:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Learning
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork

The self-directed learning toolkit is delivered via a learning management system that includes lessons, documents and other resources that cover:

  • Composite skills and their corresponding foundational skills
  • Competencies associated with each of these composite skills
  • Case studies presenting how these skills are applied
  • A knowledge check for each composite skill
  • General development resources for each composite skill
  • Specific development resources for the foundational skills associated with them

Learners can make use of this toolkit prior to going into the workplace or as part of their onboarding. For students in a WIL experience, they can use this course to begin developing these skills before the start of their term.