PowerShift: Transitioning from Tourism to Electricity

As the pandemic forced the world to take a pause, we were all afforded with the opportunity to reflect on our careers and aspirations. For many of us, this meant thinking about making a change and trying something new; for some, this has included exploring opportunities to use their talents and transfer their skills to other sectors and industries.

About the Electricity Industry

As we move beyond COVID-19, many industries and sectors will be competing for your skills and talents. This resource will to shed light on the opportunities that exist in the electricity sector and to provide you with tools and resources to illuminate the potential for transitioning from the tourism and hospitality industry to the Alberta electricity sector.

The electricity industry is involved in three main activities:

  1. the generation of electricity using various energy sources and technologies;
  2. the high-voltage transmission of electricity, usually over long distances, to bring electricity from power plants to end-use markets
  3. the distribution of electricity to end-users, usually through low-voltage local distribution power lines.

Over 100,000 people work in Canada’s electricity sector: some work in generation, transmission, and distribution, and others work in energy efficiency, smart systems, manufacturing, and all levels of the supply chain. In an industry as vibrant and diverse as electricity, you are destined to find an illuminating career opportunity!

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Use this resource to recognize your varied skills and knowledge and empower you to consider opportunities in the electricity industry.

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I am a Career Development Professional

Use this resource to help guide your clients toward meaningful opportunities by connecting their existing competencies to opportunities in the electricity industry.

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Use this resource to discover the potential offered by talent from the Tourism and Hospitality industry. This knowledge will allow you to look at resumes differently, seeing competencies instead previous job titles or training programs.

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