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Five Reasons Why You Should Invest in Professional Skills Training

As a recent grad, standing out in a sea of qualified professionals has become a feat that most are unsure how to conquer. Cultivating…

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Six Ways Professional Skills Training Helps Attract and Retain Quality Talent

As qualified candidates begin to filter into your company’s available positions, there are some things you can do to set your team up for…

EHRC Updates

New Program Tackles Workplace Gender Balance to Strengthen Ontario’s Electricity Workforce

EHRC is collaborating with electricity-industry organizations to create career opportunities for women who left professional jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic 17 August, 2021, Ottawa—Electricity…


Signature Events

Electricity Human Resources Canada hosts two annual events that draw attendees from across our sector and country.

Agents of Change

Agents of Change is a one-day event focused on equipping women and men with the tools they need to address the challenges women and other marginalized groups face in the workplace. Agents of Change is designed to encourage interaction and collaboration, with a setting for stakeholders at all levels to reflect on their experiences and draw inspiration for the journey ahead.


Awards of Excellence

EHRC annually hosts the prestigious Awards of Excellence.  These awards celebrate the extraordinary achievements of those individuals and organizations at the forefront of industry HR best practice and leadership.




Employee Engagement & Productivity: How to Understand What is Important

Over the past year, our understanding about when and where work takes place has shifted dramatically. But have we changed our thinking around productivity…

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Co-op Student

Co-op and work-integrated learning placements offer many benefits for both employer and student alike. When done right, they can both inspire and lead to…

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Designing Your Workplace Culture

In 2020, the way we worked changed dramatically overnight. The COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter and the anti-racism movement, a contentious US election… The…

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