Members & Partners

Why Be Involved With EHRC?

Here are just a few of the reasons you should join us today:

Be a Leader for Our Future

Demonstrate leadership amongst industry stakeholders and the general public. EHRC and our members/partners share a common vision:  we believe a strong, competitive Canadian electricity economy is built on the strength of its people. EHRC’s intelligence, tools, products, services and in-depth labour market research are developed to support and enhance existing capacity and skills while attracting new talent into Canada’s electricity industry. EHRC will continue to be a leader in innovative workforce strategies and initiatives while serving the electricity industry’s workforce planning needs.

Be Engaged

Partnering with us means supporting collaborative efforts to ensure that our industry has the skilled workforce it needs to keep the lights on in Canada.

Be Informed

We are the connector – between human resources and your organization’s needs. This is achieved through the hard work and dedication of EHRC who work in partnership with industry stakeholders to develop and communicate practical workforce development strategies and initiatives. Through our many Human Resource tools, products and services we interact across all spectrums of the electricity industry.

Be Heard

Partnering with us means you have a powerful voice in the industry. All of EHRC’s priorities and policies are established and directed in response to our members’ needs and concerns.

Be Seen

EHRC is all about human resources in Canada’s electricity industry. Partnering with us offers a direct channel and exposure opportunities for you to promote your company to our industry audience who have a vested interest in the success of the Canadian electricity industry. This audience includes thousands of employers, jobseekers, students, graduates and the rapidly emerging and vital audience of internationally educated professionals.  Members receive discounts, branding, and speaking opportunities at a variety of EHRC events and collaborations.

Your package will include visibility through a variety of EHRC communication vehicles, including:

  • EHRC Newsletters
  • Website
  • Products
  • Webinars
  • Social media channels
  • Special events
  • Special advertising opportunities

Our Annual EHRC Awards of Excellence celebrates and provides national recognition to the outstanding achievements of those driving the electricity workforce forward through important and cutting-edge HR initiatives and projects. This special event celebrates and gives national recognition to the champions of excellence who are making a positive and tangible impact on the workforce. This is also an excellent forum for learning, networking and business opportunities.

In summary, your involvement represents a solid foundation from which to build for the future and fundamentally, create value for the customers, members and society. We are confident the enclosed membership model will bring significant value to your organization through EHRC’s qualified resources, research and leading-edge communication vehicles.

Your involvement makes a difference!

For more information on all the ways you can contribute to EHRC’s mission see here [PDF]