Labour Market Study 2011

“Power in Motion” 2011 Labour Market Information (LMI) Study reveals:

  • that 45,000 new skilled workers needed over next five years
  • data on 30 critical electricity occupations with key information from 89 employer organizations and 47 post-secondary institutions in 140 labour markets
  • a new LMI model which forecasts future labour market trends for each occupation
  • the electricity and renewables sector’s competitive advantages and an action plan
  • how united action can maximize limited resources and make the most effective use of labour markets

There are tens of thousands of skilled and soon-to-be skilled workers this industry MUST hire to continue delivering reliable electricity to Canadian homes and businesses to meet the Canadian economy’s energy needs.

These workers will be refurbishing the aging Legacy infrastructure, building and operating the Next Generation infrastructure, enabling the transition to renewable resources, and replacing a rising wave of experienced retirees.

With expected investments of almost $300 billion over the next 20 years, this massive transformation is already gaining momentum. It is creating unprecedented labour demands, just when Canada has a limited skilled labour supply. These conditions create the most severe skills shortages and labour market challenges that the industry may have ever faced.

Projections from 2011 to 2016 focus on the need to attract immigrants and workers from other industries. Other employers, though, are looking for the same workers such as engineers, technicians and technologists, and skilled trades with five or more years of experience. Electricity and renewable sector employers looking for these candidates will face stiff competition.

These are some of the findings emerging from EHRC’s 2011 Labour Market Information Study. This report will enhance your decision-making capability and facilitate workforce planning decisions on based on strong supply and demand forecast data for the electricity and renewable labour force.

This report contains critical data that provides industry, educators, regulatory authorities and policy makers an in-depth and timely understanding of the human resource challenges that are affecting the sector. Recommendations include appropriate actions to mitigate the effects of a rapidly changing labour market.

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We would like to thank those program partners whose early support made the undertaking of this study possible, and who have received advanced copies of the report.

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