Tools & Resources


The Canadian electricity sector is diverse with different life cycles and approaches to harnessing and distributing electricity using a variety of technologies and systems - some legacy and others leading edge. Organizations are encouraged to develop approaches that are tailored to their own business requirements and operating environment and include a mix of tactics to address KM/KT requirements. It is hoped that the EHRC KM/KT Toolkit can help organizations in developing tailored solutions/approaches to their KM/KT risks and challenges.

The Toolkit is yours to use, adapt and update. The KM/KT Toolkit is a living document that will be supported and updated by EHRC but it will need to be user-driven. This means that to remain relevant, EHRC will rely on Sector users to provide feedback, updates and share new emerging practices and adaption of best practices to the Sector.

We recommend a three-phase approach to allow organizations to understand where they are on the KM/KT spectrum and to ensure that they have the solid base needed before moving towards a final strategy.

For each phase of the process, we have assembled tools & resources—a “toolkit”.

The business drivers and needs of organizations within each sub-sector will vary and therefore so may the solutions to knowledge management and transfer issues. We encourage you to try out the various different tools and let us know what did and didn’t work for you or how you adapted the tools for your particular organization.