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Wind Power Industry

Creating and Disseminating Knowledge for Wind Power


The Center for Wind Power houses global expertise in wind power development and is located in India. In order to cater to the demands of this fast growing sector, the Center aims to develop skilled personnel and a knowledge-based environment in power generation from wind.

The Center aims to be recognized as the KM Hub and think tank for the Indian wind power sector; and to act as a nodal centre for developing industry-institution linkages and developing a network for disseminating information and other knowledge-based resources to the wind power sector.

Detailed Description of the Tool/Practice

The core activities of the Center include:

  • Conducting short term and long term comprehensive training programmes in wind power management for wind industry professionals, academics, students and policy makers.
  • Carry out research studies, surveys and analytical projects for the wind power sector.
  • Offer exclusive consultancy services to project developers, industries, research institutes, investors, power utilities, etc. on technical, financial, administrative and management issues of wind power development.
  • Provide support to regulatory commissions for the promotion of wind power.
  • Strive towards efficiency improvement in wind power generation.