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Mexico Public-Private Renewable Energy Program (Wind Power) - International Development Bank (IDB)

Global Focus on KM


‘The importance of knowledge management is being recognized in the electrical sector domestically, but also in the US’ international work. For example, most technical Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) projects now require a knowledge management and knowledge transfer component before they receive funding. The IDB Mexico Public-Private Sector Renewable Energy Program (Amal-Lee Amin, Carla Tully) allocates substantial funds to knowledge creation activities at the numerous project sites ($5 million USD). The Program concerns eleven wind projects; specifically the creation of a competitive supply-chain and services industry in the wind energy sector for the production of electricity.

Detailed Description of the Tool/Practice

The knowledge activities are set up as collaborative endeavours with regulators, research institutes, local communities, NGOs, financiers and the energy companies involved in the program. In order for knowledge to spread beyond the immediate locale in which it is generated, the program requires a robust knowledge management component for capturing and disseminating it within Mexico, through the IDB and the broader global climate change community.

The knowledge generated by this Program is captured in four categories: regulatory, technical, environmental and social. The first two of the planned eleven wind projects have already generated critical knowledge in the four categories listed and will inform the development of the KM system. The project in Oaxaca will offer a cast study in knowledge management and dissemination in:

  • Technical aspects of specific renewable technologies (e.g. wind turbines)
  • Environment impacts, such as those affecting bird migratory patterns
  • Market knowledge regarding wind energy, financing mechanisms, roles of public and private developers and investors
  • Regulatory frameworks
  • Roles of indigenous communities regarding property rights, leasing and land access issues
  • Identification of areas needing further study.

The Program incorporates critical capacity building and knowledge creation and management for the public and private stakeholders. Targeted technical cooperation’s will build capacity and knowledge within CRE (the regulator), SENER (energy secretariat), NAFIN (financial institution) and SEMARNAT (environmental body). The KM function will disseminate the information and lessons learned to benefit regulators, research institutes, financiers, developers and the public at large.

IDB Proposal / Work Assignment: Mexico Public-Private Sector Renewable Energy Program - Amal-Lee Amin, Carla Tully