Recommendations to Employers, Union Organizations and Interested Stakeholders

The KM/KT Toolkit highlights the research findings and best practices used within the electricity sector and provides organizations with tools and resources for implementing KM and KT practices and programs. Based on its review of KM/KT and the current practices and needs within the electricity industry, the KM Steering Committee recommends the following:

  • Make knowledge management a business priority - set goals, plans and targets
    • Use KM to drive a learning culture, encouraging knowledge sharing and support decision-making
    • Embed KM and KT in your corporate strategies and business processes (e.g., corporate risk assessments and asset management strategies)
  • Identify critical knowledge and create plans and structures to transfer this information - create a detailed road map
    • Engage senior leaders by creating an awareness and understanding of the organizations key knowledge risk and challenges
    • Identify project champions and link KM/KT to business objectives
  • Undertake regular KM and workforce assessments.
    • Integrate KM/KT into human resources management plans and processes (e.g. recruitment, training and development, performance programs and succession planning)
    • Review all HR policies and programs to ensure they support effective KM/KT
  • Generate KM/KT quick wins by piloting programs and working with program champions - review pilot programs and realign structures and systems
  • Develop benchmarks and measurement tools to show the value of KM/KT practices and programs to the organization - measure program progress and communicate
  • Empower, inform and enable management, employees and unions to work together to manage knowledge and collaborate for the benefit of the organization and industry
    • Encourage individuals to get involved in professional KM/KT networks both in Canada and internationally to leverage best practices.
  • Industry, labour and education should come together to identify the knowledge and skills needed within the industry and work together to create and support accelerated learning options for both current and new employees.