Who are ITWs?

Internationally trained workers (ITWs) are people who were educated and trained in other countries and whose work experience was gained outside Canada. They may be:
  • Immigrants
  • Refugees
  • Foreign students living in Canada
  • Citizens of other countries willing and able to work in Canada; or
  • Canadians who trained or worked outside of the country

Canada’s electricity and renewable energy sector is facing a skills shortage.

Internationally trained workers (ITWs) can provide the sector with a much-needed source of skilled labour.

Currently, however, immigrants represent only 13% of the total labour force in Canada’s utilities industry (of which the electricity and renewables sector is a key component) – well below the national average of 19% of immigrants employed in all industries.

Furthermore, other industries are facing similar challenges with skill shortages and are also vigorously pursuing ITWs as an attractive source of talent. According to the Conference Board of Canada, “Those organizations with ‘immigrant-friendly’ policies and practices in place that address the needs and issues of international talent are the ones that will attract and retain the workers needed to succeed.”

In this context, the Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) has developed this resource kit to support employers to more effectively reach and leverage this valuable talent pool. The kit provides pragmatic, accessible and user-friendly resources to enable employers to quickly become more effective at recruiting, hiring, integrating and retaining ITWs.