The following five (5) practices developed and implemented by employers and stakeholders in the electricity sector serve to act as a guide or source of inspiration to you in your efforts to employ ITWs. They were chosen due to their adherence to the following criteria:

  • Successful over a period of time;
  • Produces quantitative and/or qualitative results;
  • Develops recognized or recognizable positive outcomes including hiring of ITWs, employers engagement, and some type of definitive positive impact;
  • Innovative and replicable, portable and/or transferable to other organizations with modifications;
  • Adds value by improving service, quality, productivity or talent.

They also provide a range of examples based on region, organization type, organization size, and practice content.

What you can learn from these practices 

Note that the aim is that you adapt rather than adopt these practices.  As you read through each practice, consider how you might do this using the following questions:

  • How can I adapt elements of this practice for my own business needs?
  • What are the equivalent supports available in my community – e.g. immigrant-serving organizations, training and development programs, educational institutions, and other community stakeholders, etc?
  • How can it be adapted for my organization size?
  • How can it be adapted for my financial capabilities and human resources capacity?
  • How can it be adapted for my region (urban, rural, remote)?
  • How can I make it work for my organizational culture, employee base and organization size?