A skilled workforce requires various sources of workers to pull from. With demand increasing in all industries in Canada, the question becomes, “Where do we find the talent we need?” The importance of education exists around the world and, as a result, there are many workers globally who have already studied and worked in their own countries before coming to Canada. This group of workers comes already equipped with some of the necessary skill sets for employment in the electricity and renewable energy industry in Canada.

Plugged In – Accessing the World’s Talent was developed as a result of Electricity Human Resources Canada’s Internationally Trained Workers project in partnership with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This resource kit is designed to assist industry employers in recruiting and retaining workers who have studied and trained abroad. Navigating the various steps in this process can be complex and this resource kit will make it easier for employers to engage this pool of talent.

Some of the resources and tools you will find in this kit include:

• The business case for the recruiting Internationally Trained Workers

• An overview of the recruitment process

• Licensure/Certification requirements

• Tips for integrating ITWs into the workplace

• Examples of best practices

This website contains a wealth of tools and resources aimed at helping employers fill the gaps they are experiencing in their workforce, whether temporary or permanent. The resources found within should help make it easier to figure out how ITWs can benefit your organization and what the steps involved are in order to make it a reality.