Professional Skills Training


Excelling in your career takes more than technical know-how: it takes the ability to manage yourself, your team and your work in an effective way. Regardless of where your career takes you, you’ll need a strong set of professional skills for any workplace.

Electricity Human Resources Canada’s (EHRC) Professional Skills Training Program was developed specifically for students and recent graduates to encourage the development of professional skills like critical thinking, collaboration and time management while transitioning out of school and into careers. While the program has been designed with the electricity sector in mind, it can help with growing a career in any field.

This training is part of the Empowering Futures program, EHRC’s Student Work Placement Program for the electricity sector that helps students build real-life experience through work-integrated learning.

Component: Awareness Videos

When it comes to professional skills, every industry has specific needs. The minimum requirement for anyone entering the sector is the knowledge of what is required to perform efficiently. EHRC has produced videos that will introduce and familiarize learners with the ten most wanted skills in the sector.

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Component: Self-Directed Learning

It’s not enough to just be aware of professional skills: the skills themselves need to be developed. With this toolkit, learners can take charge of their professional development. Learners can make use of this toolkit prior to going into the workplace or as part of their onboarding. For students in a WIL experience, they can use this course to begin developing these skills before the start of their term.

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