Electrical Engineering Technician / Technologist

About the Job

Electrical Engineering Technicians and Technologists may work independently or provide technical support and services in the design, development, testing, production and operation of electrical equipment and systems.

Electrical Engineering Technicians working in the electricity sector can:

  • Assist in the design, development and testing of electrical components, equipment, and systems;
  • Assist in inspection, testing, adjusting and evaluation of incoming electrical and electro-mechanical components and assemblies to ensure conformance with product specifications and tolerances;
  • Conduct life tests (burn-ins) on assemblies and record and analyze results;
  • Assist in building and testing prototypes to specifications;
  • Install, operate and maintain electrical equipment and systems;
  • Calibrate electrical equipment and instruments according to technical manuals and written instructions;
  • Collect and compile operational or experimental data and assist in the preparation of estimates, schedules, budgets, specifications and reports.

Electrical Engineering Technologists working in the electricity sector can:

  • Design, develop and test power equipment and systems;
  • Supervise the building and testing of prototypes according to general instructions and established standards;
  • Conduct or supervise the installation, commissioning, and operation of electrical equipment and systems;
  • Carry out applied research in fields of electrical engineering and physics under the direction of scientists or engineers;
  • Set up and operate specialized and standard test equipment to diagnose, test and analyze the performance of electrical components, assemblies and systems;
  • Write specifications, schedules and technical reports and control schedules and budgets.

In Canada, post-secondary programming (2-year program for Technicians; 3-year program for Technologists) is required to obtain certification from provincial associations as a Technician or Technologist. Within the electricity sector, training and certification as an Electrical Engineering Technician or Technologist is a highly valuable credential that opens many doors and opportunities for employment.

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