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Introducing the Electricity Competency Framework: a new tool to help employers prepare for the future in the present.

Common uses of the Electricity Competency Framework include:

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Skills Profile Development

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Competency-Based Job Description Development

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Competency-Based Recruitment and Selection

Employers can use competencies to:

  • Identify relevant training for job levels.
  • Outline a structure for competency-based performance reviews.
  • Provide measures for performance required to meet organizational goals.
  • Analyze existing occupations to identify shared skills and opportunities.
  • Support effective employee selection based on competencies.
  • Build hiring criteria, on-the-job learning logs and records.
Why Use the Electricity Competency Framework?
Identifying Transferable Skills and Succession Planning with the Electricity Competency Framework
Using the Electricity Competency Framework to Conduct a Gap Analysis

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  • Create consistency across roles
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