Electricity Competency Framework

As the industry continues to rapidly change and our power needs evolve, developing a strong workforce has never been more important.

Leverage the power of the Electricity Competency Framework to facilitate change in our evolving industry.

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What is the Electricity Competency Framework?

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Skills and Knowledge

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A dynamic competency framework that provides a present-day snapshot of the skills and knowledge required in the electricity sector.

With EHRC’s Electricity Competency Framework – the first of its kind in Canada – educators and employers alike are empowered with the up-to-date information needed to develop effective HR tools, resources, and relevant training programs.

The Powerful Benefits of the Electricity Competency Framework

  • Eliminates the duplication of task performance across roles within a company and across the industry.
  • Builds consistency in labour force expectations by defining industry-validated benchmarks for task performance.
  • Identifies transferable skills that individuals can take with them from other industries or positions within the electricity sector.
  • Standardizes performance and knowledge requirements to inform responsive training programs.
Building a Powerful Workforce with the Electricity Competency Framework.
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Employers: Future proof your workforce

The Electricity Competency Framework will allow you to access industry-developed and validated competencies that support the benchmarking of industry skills and knowledge requirements.

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Educators: Shape a future-ready classroom

The Electricity Competency Framework will allow you to implement a competency-based approach to design, develop and review curriculum to ensure courses and programs align with industry needs.

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