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One of Electricity Human Resources Canada’s (EHRC) primary objectives is to bring employers, unions, and educators together to foster dialogue and share industry knowledge. One way EHRC is bringing together employers, unions, and educators is by making our research available to those responsible for training the next generation of industry leaders. Employers have responded to EHRC surveys and interviews by telling us what their expectations are for new graduates, and what skills they’re looking for in the hiring process: that information is valuable to educators to make sure their graduates are in-demand with employers.

We conduct regular, sector-wide research on Canada’s electricity workforce, as well as periodical special research initiatives with a provincial, sub-sector, or special focus. All of these research initiatives can help post-secondary institutions develop better academic programs, meet industry needs, and ensure that students are hired upon graduation.

EHRC periodically conducts surveys, environmental scans, primary research (including a national survey of employers), key informant interviews, and surveys of educational institutions to put together Labour Market Information (LMI) reports. These LMI reports provide up-to-date forecasts on the electricity sector, including where there is demand for certain career fields, and the regional distribution of hiring trends. EHRC’s latest LMI report covers 2017-2022, which was produced along with supplementary reports specifically about the renewable subsector, and another on the changing nature of work.

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