Upcoming Webinars with EHRC

Electricity Human Resources Canada has a series of upcoming webinars that your organization can use to better retain, attract, and engage employees. Each webinar features a different subject matter expert and is supported by EHRC’s diverse knowledge and many resources.

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AI and the Diversity Challenge

Speaker: Swathi Sadagopan from Munk Fellow, Deloitte

Wednesday, Apr. 17, 12–1 PM

Artificial intelligence is taking up all sorts of tasks that would have been hard to imagine just a few years ago: drafting legal documents, deploying police officers, even writing news articles. But, if these systems are going to effective, not to mention fair, they need the steady human hand of a programmer who can spot the problems and make necessary adjustments. This not only demands technical proficiency but also cultural competency. In this webinar, through examples, case studies and analogies, we’ll explore what is AI, the promise it holds, where it can fail and how might we build safe and reliable AI.


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Millennials in the Workplace: Better Engagement, Better Results

Speaker: Matthew Mairinger, OPG & Alex Hosselet, EHRC

Wednesday, May 15, 12–1 PM

It’s no secret that millennial employees have different attitudes towards work than the Generation Xers and Baby Boomers that preceded them. While some organizations struggle with this, the opportunity to leverage the millennial mindset can bring your organization to the next level for employee engagement and productivity. With older employees retiring faster than ever, is your organization ready to attract and retain leaders from the millennial workforce to fill the vacant positions? This webinar will help you position your organization as an employer of choice and set your millennial staff up for success.


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Building the Workplace of the 21st Century—Do You Know What Your Employees Want?

Speaker: Lisa Nadeau, AESO

Thursday, Oct. 17, 12–1 PM

What are your employees looking for in today’s workplace?

With today’s competitive landscape it’s about maximizing human potential. This is about culture shift and providing the kinds of experiences where everyone feels they can effectively contribute, grow and learn, and effectively integrate life and work through flexibility.

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Total Health Strategy from Ontario Power Generation

Speaker:Tanya Hickey, Senior Manager: Health & Safety Strategies, OPG

Wednesday, Dec. 4, 12–1 PM

Tanya Hickey will share OPG’s Total Health Journey; from inception to successes. This journey will lay out how to lay an effective foundation where a program can evolve year over year and successes can be charted. This presentation will give all organizations key elements that they can take back to help develop their own strategy and what considerations should be identified to make the journey successful. Tanya will share what strategies and programs have been implemented, lessons learned in implementation, and what programs offered the greatest successes overall. Tanya will share a business strategy that helps leaders understand how implementing a total health strategy makes good business sense in a language that they will understand.

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Past EHRC Webinars:

Let’s Talk Advancing Gender Equality

Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) in partnership with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) recently hosted a webinar series on advancing gender equality in the workplace. Building on and supporting EHRC’s Leadership Accord and NRCan’s Equal by 30 Campaign, the webinars equip organizations with best practices and tools to help their own organizations expedite the process of bridging the gender gap. They guide potential or existing signatories on the development of actionable commitments to advance gender equality.

Webinar 1:

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Learn how to build a strategy that will drive cultural change in your organization and hear first-hand the value of turning talk into concrete actions to advance gender equality.
·      Explore strategies that cultivate real business results
·      Understand the importance of Senior Executive buy-in
·      Develop an action-plan that will enforce commitments

Webinar 2:

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Everyone has a role to play in working towards gender equality. Learn how to inspire and motivate male and female champions to share their commitment with others and demonstrate where they stand on gender diversity.
·      Explore new approaches on effective strategies to move the needle forward
·      Understand the importance of unifying your entire workforce to successfully close the gender gap
·      Understanding bias and identifying internal challenges – how to change the mindset and create a culture that embraces inclusion

Webinar 3:

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Learn how to analyze the effectiveness of your organizations’ diversity practices and identify any gaps. This will give you the context you need to build a business case around your organization’s diversity needs, and will serve as the yardstick for which your organization’s return on investment can measured.
·      Understand how diverse teams boost innovation and bottom line
·      Examine the relationship between culture change and organization success
·      Learn how to communicate the value of embracing diversity and inclusion – and hear some examples of what’s working in the industry

From Disability to Inclusion –  Valuing People with Disabilities in the Workplace

EHRC’s project with the Government of Ontario under the EnAbling Change Program saw the organization focus on improving equity of access and supports for people with disabilities who work or wish to work in the Canadian electricity industry. The following materials, are the result of several consultation initiatives under this project including the following two Employer webinars which attempted to create awareness while providing valuable information and tools to support employer initiatives.



This project is the first comprehensive, detailed look at human resources in the renewable energy industry in Canada.

In this webinar, we look at the findings from our Renewing Futures project.

Renewing Futures Video – Low Res from EHRC on Vimeo.

For more information on the project, please visit: RenewingFutures.ca