Useful Links

Useful Links

National Agencies and Associations

Relevant Government of Canada websites

Educational Resources

  • ATCO Electric’s Teaching Power program: These include a variety of electricity educational materials for use with students from grades four to six.
  • Canadian Nuclear Association: Nuclear Science Technology High School Curriculum website is a tool developed to explain concepts, issues and people related to energy and in particular nuclear energy. The website was developed for the public, for teachers and specifically for students in grades 9—12.
  • Electricity Human Resources Canada: Bright Futures BC website is a tool developed to raise awareness in talented young students of the diverse and exciting career opportunities in the electricity sector so they can make informed decisions about their futures. The website offers teachers’ lesson plans and student guides.
  • Electricity Human Resources Canada: Labour Market Information Fact Sheet for Educational Institutions provides 2008 labour market statistics for the electricity sector.
  • Manitoba Hydro: The Learning Zone has ideas and tools to help you teach children about energy and safety.
  • Ontario Power Authority: Kid’s Corner offers resources that can be used by students to achieve expectations from the Grade 6 Understanding Matter and Energy strand, “Electricity and Electrical Devices” topic, in The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8: Science and Technology.
  • Youth Science Foundation Canada: Helps Canadian youth develop skills and knowledge for excellence in science and technology. It showcases an annual Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF), held on a rotating basis across Canada. Over 450 students and 200 adult delegates participate in the annual event, with awards totaling more than $130,000 in cash, scholarships, trips and other prizes.

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