Agents of Change Agenda

On behalf of Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC), we would like you to join us for our Agents of Change 2019: We Rise By Lifting Others event at Bram and Bluma Appel Salon, in Toronto on Wednesday, November 13, 2019. This event will encourage, educate and explore the skills needed for becoming an Agent of Change.

Location: Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge St 2nd floor, Toronto, ON M4W 2G8

Draft Agenda

Time TopicSpeaker(s)
7:45–8:25Registration & Networking Breakfast
8:25–8:35Opening Remarks & IntroductionMichelle Branigan, CEO, EHRC

Moderator of the Day:  Jennifer Ladouceur, Women Leadership Nation (WLN)

8:35–8:40Welcome from the Diamond SponsorTBC
8:40–9:25Keynote AddressHadiya Roderique
9:25–10:20Male Allies: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club

The best leaders let others know where they stand on complex issues. These panelists share a common commitment to creating equitable and inclusive workplaces. They will share their experiences on becoming allies and champions for gender equity in the workplace. Credibility as an accomplished professional and leader is key to affecting buy-in, and this panel will show you how these champions encouraged others to meet diversity and inclusion goals.

Brian Bentz, CEO, Alectra

Angelo Gravina, President, S&C Electric

Geoff Denstedt, M.E, President, Canadian Union of Skilled Workers (CUSW)

His Worship Walter Sendzik, Mayor, City of St. Catherines


10:20–10:35Mid-morning Break
10:35–10:45Champion SpotlightTBC
10:45–11:05Our numbers tell a story

Despite the considerable attention being paid to gender diversity and women’s representation in employment, consistent data on women in leadership in the electricity sector is scarce. In this segment, we will share compelling stories about what is creating these gaps through the data we’ve collected to help you gain insight and drive change in your organization.

Denise McLean

Merertu Mogga Frissa

11:05–11:45Views from the Top

Join this group of senior-level executives as they share their inspiring stories, having shattered the glass in a traditionally male dominated industry. Hear about their experiences, their challenges, and be inspired by how they have influenced, initiated, and impacted culture change while at the table.

Michelle Johnston, EVP of Policy, Society of United Professionals

Lyla Garzouzi, VP of Distribution, Hydro One


12:15–12:45Keynote SpeakerTBC
12:45–1:25Youth—The Future Agents of Change

It’s no secret that “kids these days” have grown up with a heightened awareness around social and identity issues. Our panel of engaged youth working in electricity will talk about their workplace gender diversity experiences, including challenges, opportunities, and what it means to them.

Moderator: Alex Hosselet, Marketing and Communications Manager, EHRC

Natalie Tleel, EIT, OPG

Linda Chigbo, EIT, Alectra

Chris Cirullo, Hydro Ottawa

Chendi Ren, Engineer, AESO

1:40–2:30Becoming an Agent of Change: From Talk to Action

Building a gender-inclusive workplace is a team effort. Equipped with experience and knowledge, these panelists will dive deeper into the dialogue and actions that all participants can use in their organizations and day-to-day lives. This panel will focus on the practical steps and support that organizations and individuals can take – and will share actual practices that have seen results.

Patricia Butt, Director Human Resources, Emera NL

Courtnay de Rooy, Talent Acquisition Associate, Fortis BC

Nicole Parsons, HR Manager, Nalcor

Lindsay Amundsen, CBTU

2:30–2:45Mid-Afternoon Coffee & Networking
3:30–3:50Diversity Starts with You

Throughout the day, participants can share different aspects of their identity via an interactive installation. As a result of this interactive experience, we will have an opportunity to look at ourselves and acknowledge how our diverse identities influence the way we contribute to each other and our group as a whole.

Denise McLean

Merertu Mogga Frissa

3:50–3:55ConclusionMichelle Branigan, CEO, EHRC