2018 Agents of Change

2018 Agents of Change: Champions Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

Taking place on November 7th at Mount Royal University, this event will bring together men and women working in the electricity industry who share a common commitment to creating equitable and inclusive workplaces.

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We’re excited to celebrate Canada’s Gender Equality Champions – we hope you are too!

We know that the number of women working in the Canadian electricity sector is still far below where it needs to be. If we’re going to see real change, and quickly, both men and women need to stand up and get behind the cause to champion this change.

Bring your team to this  informative one day event where we will explore how women and men can reach across the aisle and serve as allies to one another to address the challenges they face in the workplace, and expedite the process of bridging the gender gap. Designed to encourage interaction and collaboration, the event creates a setting for employees and leaders at all levels to reflect on their experiences and draw inspiration for the journey ahead.

This event is one of our many efforts to move the agenda forward in creating and sustaining a level of diversity that will drive innovation, equitable income and positive impact for Canada.

Supported by both our industry and the Alberta Ministry for the Status of Women, the day will consist of a robust line-up of inspirational speakers, as well as participants from the electricity and renewable energy industry who are committed to sharing their experiences and strategies in creating an inclusive workplace.

Influential male champions will speak to personal/work experiences and what has led them to challenge the status quo. Hear from women in the workplace who will share their perspectives on career challenges and opportunities. Learn from companies who are implementing measurable actions to transform their organisations, and the compelling business case for doing so.

The Benefits to You

By attending this conference, you will:

  • Learn from those in the industry who are taking action to ensure true buy-in on gender parity among men and women in their organization
  • Learn how to build the business case for diversity initiatives, and how to demonstrate the return on investment
  • Be inspired by leaders who share their personal stories and speak to the leadership behaviours that make a difference (metrics/ accountability, sponsorship / involvement, countering resistance)
  • Walk away with the inspiration, knowledge and skills for succeeding as a “Gender Champion” to drive organizational change towards a more gender-inclusive workforce

Network and share ideas with peers advancing inclusive workplaces in their organizations

Who Should Attend

We recommend this conference for all men and women who support gender parity and would like to be part of the discussion on how to effect real change within their organizations. As such, while the titles may include those with responsibility for leading change in the organisation, we encourage leaders to extend this invitation to your workforce at large. Particularly those working in positions that experience lower representation, such as the trades and STEM positions.

  • Chief Executive Officers and President
  • Directors of diversity and inclusion
  • Chief human resources officers
  • Vice president of learning and development
  • Vice president and directors of talent management
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Those working in functional areas that typically see lower representation of women i.e. trades, engineering, technology.