National Occupational Standards

National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Essential Skills Profiles are an inventory of the skills, competencies and knowledge that are required to competently perform a specific job. Developed and validated by the industry for the industry, occupational standards have numerous Human Resource benefits including supporting worker mobility, informing training initiatives, and recognizing worker skills.

NOS are voluntary guidelines that have been developed to provide businesses, educators, trainers, and job seekers with practical guidance.

Essential Skills are the skills that people need for work, learning and life. They are used in the community and the workplace, in different forms and at different levels of complexity. There are a total of nine (9) Essential Skills including: Reading Text, Document Use, Writing, Numeracy, Oral Communication, Thinking Skills, Working with Others, Digital Technology and Continuous Learning.

How Are NOS used?

Employers, employees, and educational institutions can put NOS to a wide variety of uses. All support effective workforce planning.

  • Support personnel certification or accreditation programs
  • Inform curricula for college and apprenticeship courses and programs.
  • Assist in recruitment by informing job descriptions and providing a benchmark for employee appraisals.
  • Identify career paths in order to promote employee retention.
  • Help employers evaluate and determined the competencies of potential employees, including internationally trained workers.

The NOS That We’ve Developed

EHRC has developed the following National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Essential Skill Profiles (ESP) for your use. Developed and validated with the input of employers, employees, labour and education, all have the mark of industry approval.

  • Power Cable Technician- (NOS | ESP)
  • Utility Arborist- (NOS | ESP)
  • Electrical Engineering Technician and Technologist – (NOS | ESP)
  • Electrical Power Station Operator – (NOS | ESP)
  • Electrical Power Systems Operator – (NOS | ESP)
  • Utilities Project Manager – (NOS | ESP)
  • Power Protection and Control Technician – (NOS | ESP)
  • Wind Turbine Technician – (NOS | ESP)
  • Geo-Exchange Installer – (NOS)
  • Solar Thermal Installer – (ESP)
  • Solar Photovoltaic Installer – (ESP)


These standards and essential skills profiles will help the electricity industry develop effective human resource strategies and ensure recognition of skills and consistent training program delivery.

Further Information

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