Bright Futures BC

Pending retirements will severely affect the electricity industry in all Canada’s provinces–none more so, or more immediately, than in BC.

To address BC’s pending electricity workforce shortage, the B.C. Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, in partnership with the EHRC, the Government of Canada’s Sector Council Program and B.C. industry partners, implemented a new program. Called Bright Futures BC, the program promotes careers in the electricity and renewables sector, providing young people with all the information they need to consider a future in the industry.

Bright Futures BC was modeled after the TradeUp for Success program used in Ontario. Like its BC counterpart, the program also promotes trades in the electricity sector to youth. The Power Workers’ Union, which manages TradeUp for Success, initiated this program, together with Hydro One, Ontario Power Generation and Bruce Power.

Bright Futures BC is the first stage of EHRC’s effort to create TradeUp for Success programs for several other provinces.

Results of the Program

The Bright Futures BC program continues to raise student awareness of career opportunities , encouraging them to choose careers in the electricity and renewable energy industries.

In March 2009, a Bright Futures BC educational package was developed and distributed to all high schools in the province. The package included “Energize you Future” posters, lesson plans, eight job descriptions, and tattoos.

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Teacher Kit

A comprehensive kit folder is available in hard copy for teachers. To obtain a copy, please email us at

Further Information

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