With the demand for a skilled workforce increasing in the Electricity and Renewable Energy industry, it has become clear that employers will need to develop new, sustainable strategies for attracting workers to their organizations.  The Aboriginal population in Canada is growing nearly six times faster than the rest of Canada.  They are also young, accessible, and ready to enter the workforce at a time when skilled trades people are in short supply.  Combined with the fact that many Aboriginal communities are located near electricity installations, it becomes evident that this valuable source of workers is a potential solution to decreasing the workforce gap.

Two workers in a lift

Electricity Human Resources Canada's Aboriginal Workforce Participation Initiative was designed to create relationships and partnerships between our industry and Aboriginal communities.  This project was a 3 year project aimed at identifying and eliminating barriers to Aboriginal participation in the Electricity and Renewable Energy industry as well as increasing industry awareness amongst Aboriginal communities.  The result is several tools and resource for industry employers to help assist in the recruitment and retention of Aboriginal peoples.  These tools and resources include:

  • The business case for the recruitment of Aboriginal employees
  • 10 Tips for a successful strategy
  • Strategic assertions and recommended initiatives
  • A human resource toolkit
  • Examples of best practices

Also developed as part of the project were two demonstration projects.  One for adults, our Electrical Trades Orientation program and one for youth, our Bright Futures Aboriginal Youth Camps.  Click on the sections above to find out more about these exciting programs.

Employing Aboriginal people in your workforce is not only cost effective but good public policy and social responsibility.  This website will give you the knowledge and the tools to help guide your organization's strategy for engaging these important communities.

Michelle Branigan
Chief Executive Officer