November 15, 2022EHRC has developed new tools and resources to assist electricity industry organizations in Building a Gender-Based Harassment and Violence (GBHV) Free Workplace.

Electricity sector stakeholders recognize the impact of harassment and violence directed at persons because of their gender identity, or gender expression, including sexual harassment and intimate partner violence. Employers are responding to what is increasingly becoming a prominent health and safety challenge and an issue impacting diverse hiring and retention.

Several reports including EHRC’s study “Leadershift: Equity in the Workplace” identified that women’s work­place experiences differ from those of their male col­leagues – they were significantly more likely to say they have experienced harassment, violence or bullying at work in the previous five years.  Not only women are affected — transgender, gender non-conforming, or non-binary employees and those who identify as racialized and indigenous, are also at greater risk.

With the support of the Department of Justice Canada and industry partners, EHRC has developed new tools and resources to assist electricity industry organizations in Building a Gender-Based Harassment and Violence (GBHV) Free Workplace. The materials include a number of resources and tools, for example:

  • Sample policies and procedures
  • Ideas for awareness campaigns
  • Training for employees
  • Training for managers and others responsible for responding to complaints
  • Information on creating responses that are trauma informed and survivor-centred
  • Tools and strategies for integrating the GBHV lens into other health and safety frameworks
  • Resources to support employees experiencing GBHV in the workplace including intimate partner violence

In addition to the invaluable advice early partners have offered to the project, EHRC conducted extensive national consultations to inform the development of the initiative.

To further ensure that the materials meet the needs of our diverse sector, EHRC is seeking to test components of the resource with more organizations.  We invite your participation in this very worthwhile and timely initiative.

How can you get involved?

  • Agree to host and facilitate a training session at your organization
  • Register to attend one of the EHRC’s sponsored training sessions
  • Volunteer to review or use the tools and resources

What’s the benefit

  • Be among the first to access a wealth of knowledge and materials to improve the health and safety of your organization by preventing and better addressing GBHV in your workplace.
  • Increase your awareness of GBHV in the workplace and be an ally in interrupting inappropriate behaviours.
  • Receive support to enhance your comfort and skills in delivering training on this topic.
  • Provide feedback and share your experience and expertise to make the resource even better.

The training sessions will take place in late January 2023. Information sheets, review forms and evaluations forms will also be provided.


Learn more about how to register for EHRC’s sponsored training sessions or register to review components of the materials developed, by contacting Anita Gara—project lead at