November 1, 2022Transitioning from Oil and Gas to Green Energy: Assessing Skills Transferability and Feasibility through an Atlantic Canadian Lens

As the workforce and nature of work continues to evolve, sector employers need to prepare for a transitioning workforce through cross-training and upskilling. This is particularly relevant as there are numerous skills and competency areas that are transferable to the electricity sector. Transitioning workers may already have skills and knowledge (competencies) that they have attained through a variety of training and learning streams that they can use within the renewable energy sector in Atlantic Canada. Identifying these transferable competencies through a competency mapping process is essential for workers to attain recognition for the skills that they already have and ease the transition into the green economy.

The Maritimes Energy Association (MEA) has partnered with Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) to identify transferable skills from oil and gas occupations that can be utilized in the green energy space. This will help individuals make the transition in their careers but could also be used by businesses looking to diversify. Rather than hiring a new workforce, businesses could retain existing employees by addressing any gaps that may exist in their skill sets and competencies.

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