May 27, 2021New Project Encourages Alberta’s Youth to Consider Careers in Electricity

May 27, 2021, Ottawa—Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) announced a new initiative today that will raise awareness of the careers that exist in Alberta’s fast changing electricity and renewables sector for students and youth. This will support career planning when choosing a field of study or entering the job market. Funded by the Government of Alberta, the project will support employment, economic growth and innovation in Alberta’s energy sector.

EHRC’s recent report, Generation Impact: Future Workforce Perspectives, found that young people in Canada have a favourable view of the electricity sector, but a low level of awareness of its professional opportunities. The key finding of Generation Impact was that with the right information, young people are very keen to work in the sector.
Working with industry partners, the project will identify the largest employment opportunities for youth in electricity and renewable energy. These will include a mix of established and in-demand positions, as well as emerging fields as a result of Alberta’s transforming energy landscape. The careers in focus can be attained through a variety of education backgrounds and pathways, including through college, university, and trades training.

The project builds on the National Occupational Standards and Electricity Competency Framework developed by EHRC earlier this year, which helps chart the skills and knowledge required to perform some of the most in-demand roles in Canada’s electricity sector.

“The electricity sector has a lot to offer with job stability, competitive pay and opportunities for growth.” said Michelle Branigan, CEO of EHRC. “With the sector’s continued growth in renewable energy and tremendous innovation taking place—things like smarts grids, cyber security and the need to support electric vehicles, for example—the industry is in the midst of an evolution. We are going to need that next generation of cutting-edge talent to ensure that the sector remains resilient and responsive”.

The project will include a series of virtual events and resources for youth and students from Alberta’s post-secondary institutions and apprenticeship programs, providing a firsthand opportunity to hear from professionals working in the sector.

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