May 12, 2021Canadian Climate Priorities 2021

As climate change continues to threaten Canada and the rest of the world, attitudes towards combating climate change—including the policy and funding needed—continue to evolve. To better understand the attitudes and priorities of Canadians, Electricity Human Resources Canada collaborated with the Canadian Nuclear Association, Canadian Electricity Association, Waterpower Canada, the Canadian Renewable Energy Association and Marine Renewables Canada to conduct public opinion polling on the subject. The result is our joint report, Canadian Climate Priorities 2021, which shows broad support to address the growing issue of climate change.

To put the report in perspective, EHRC also collaboratively published an article with Policy Magazine that highlights the key actions we must take to meet the priorities of Canadians as per the research findings. For both policymakers in government and Canadian citizens, it’s important to understand not only the dangers of climate change, but the actionable steps we can do to collectively address it.

In addition to these recommendations, EHRC is proud to offer programs like the Green Jobs Program that support our green economy and expanding the ways we work towards a non-emitting energy sector. Likewise, our National Occupational Standards profile many in-demand and emerging roles that are essential to carbon-non-emitting energy and electrification. We know that our members continue to innovate and find new approaches to reduce our carbon footprint.