April 9, 2020The Power of Positivity: Support from the Electricity Sector

It’s often during times of crisis when we see the best parts of humanity, and the past year have been no exception. Across Canada’s electricity sector, companies have been stepping up to help through donations of personal protective equipment (PPE), collaborations in manufacturing crucial technologies, and making financial contributions to social and community services.

The following is a round up of stories of collaboration and innovation from companies across Canada contributing their resources and technology towards the safety of others. EHRC commends the generosity of these actions; we’re proud to work in a sector where resilience and community spirit go hand-in-hand. Note: this page is updated intermittently.

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Personal Protective Equipment

Companies including Hydro Ottawa, Bruce Power, Alectra Utilities, Brantford Power, Oshawa Power, Hydro-Québec and Ontario Power Generation have donated much-needed PPE including N95 masks and gowns to regional governments and healthcare facilities.


Meanwhile, Ontario Power Generation has partnered with Ontario Tech University to produce 3D printed face shields.


Ontario Power Generation and Bruce Power have donated $500,000 and $300,000 respectively to local food banks to ensure that supplies are available to those who need it. Ontario Power Generation has also made a donation to the Regional Food Distribution Association of Northwestern Ontario to ensure that First Nations communities have access to food while physically distancing. Alectra Utilities has donated $230,000 to food banks across eight communities. FortisAlberta has donated $100,000 to food banks, women’s shelters and Indigenous communities. Ontario Energy Network has donated $3,000 to the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health to support resources specific to dealing with mental health during the pandemic. Hydro-Québec has donated $300,000 to Centraide of Greater Montreal’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, in addition to their regular annual donation, and $75,000 to the Red Cross in Québec. Bruce Power and the Power Worker’s Union have split a $400,000 donation to the University Health Network in Toronto. ECA Ottawa has donated $100,000 to the Royal Ottawa Hospitals in support of mental health services.


Employees from Hydro One‘s customer service operations have been contacting returning travellers to advise them on how to self-isolate.


Bruce Power is a co-chair of the Ontario Vaccine Support Council working to leverage private sector resources to support Ontario’s vaccine rollout.