April 3, 20187th Annual Ontario Power Symposium – April 24-25, 2018 – Toronto

Ontario’s power sector is currently at the peak of change. Disruption being predominant now more than ever, power producers are continuously incorporating new ways to encourage more on-grid engagement as individuals and communities are discovering ways to go off-grid. Grid modernization and new technologies are coming into play to lead this transformation and all stakeholders are determined to remain on top of these unprecedented challenges.

With the provincial election drawing near, it is time to fully embrace the change that is taking place, break away from the traditional barriers and focus beyond election cycles to achieve concrete long-term goals.

Get involved and address key issues including market renewal and restructure initiatives, long-term regional planning, enhancing collaboration through Indigenous and community engagement and more. Join the conversation with leading power experts and gain takeaways on the industry’s most pressing matters.

Built together with interactive roundtable discussions, this year’s symposium provides you with the unique opportunity to fully engage with your peers and counterparts from the power industry, learning from their challenges and success stories and openly sharing expertise that will reshape the energy landscape.

This is your opportunity to connect with senior power sector leaders and get up-to-the-minute insights to help you navigate your way through the energy landscape. Join us this April and help facilitate the discussions that will form a roadmap for Ontario’s future energy sector.